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  • Develop comprehensive tobacco-free policies for workplaces, public spaces, schools, and housing communities

  • Promote evidence-based cessation resources

  • Advocate for policies that prevent tobacco/nicotine use initiation

  • Educate about the impacts of tobacco product use and exposure

  • Provide free workplace audits for compliance with local & state smoke-free air ordinances/laws

  • Provide guidance on required signage to align with applicable smoke-free air law

  • Provide on-site, brief seminars on tobacco use risks and tobacco cessation 

  • Collaboration with local youth to work toward preventing and ending youth tobacco use via The VOICE Initiative


  • All youth will be equipped with knowledge, inspiration, and skills to resist and push back against tobacco industry marketing.

  • Tobacco-using youth will have access to evidence-based, youth-focused cessation resources.

  • Every worker will be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke and vaping chemicals on their worksite’s premises.

  • Every resident of a multi-unit housing community will be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke and vaping chemicals.

  • All healthcare providers, employers, and organizations serving youth and marginalized populations will be informed of and able to provide access to evidence-based tobacco cessation resources.

  • Tobacco-free living will be the social norm, supported and valued by people of every age, gender, income level, race, national origin, cultural or other social identity.


Educational Programs

  • Risks of Vaping/Other Tobacco Use

  • Secondhand and Thirdhand Tobacco Risks

  • Tobacco’s Impact on Pregnancy, Babies & Kids

  • Smoke-Free Housing Policy—Good for Resident Health AND the Bottom Line!

  • Tobacco Marketing and Its Impact on Youth and Other Vulnerable Populations

  • Building a Tobacco-Free Workplace

  • Evidence-Based Tobacco Cessation

  • Tobacco’s Impact on the Environment

Policy & Technical Consultation

  • Drafting, Implementation & Enforcement of Tobacco-Free Policies for Workplaces, Housing Communities and Schools

Cessation Support & Referrals

  • Connection to local cessation resources

  • Direct referral to the Indiana Tobacco Quitline

  • Our Cessation Coordinator assists Allen County healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and employers with effectively addressing tobacco use. All of the services provided are free and funded by the Indiana Dept. of Health Tobacco Prevention and Control. Learn more about these services and our coordinator here!

All services are 100% grant-funded & FREE!

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