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Our Cessation Coordinator assists Allen County healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and employers with effectively addressing tobacco use. All of the services provided are free and funded by the Indiana Dept. of Health Tobacco Prevention and Control.  


  • Train about the Indiana Tobacco Quitline and benefits of employee cessation 

  • Provide cessation materials for employees, breakrooms, etc. 

  • Attend employee health fairs  

  • Assist with implementing tobacco-free grounds policies 

  • Help promote tobacco cessation benefits 

  • Make recommendations on tobacco cessation coverage 


  • Train staff about the Indiana Quitline services 

  • Train staff on “Ask, Advise, Refer” for cessation 

  • Attend health fairs 

  • Provide cessation materials for patients and signage for offices 

  • Education about cessation medications and other best practices 

  • Assist with implementing tobacco-free grounds policies 

  • And much more! 



Taylor Bowser joined the team in February 2021. She attended ISU where she completed her Master of Public Heath (MPH). Her diverse background includes behavioral health, population health, patient advocacy, and wellness. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, and Certified Health and Well-Being Coach. 

You can reach Taylor at: or (260) 705-8560 

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