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Tobacco Free Allen County (TFAC) is a community-based coalition of diverse organizations and individuals committed to building a community free of tobacco’s massive health and economic burdens.  

As a community-based partner of the Indiana State Department of Health-Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, we promote best-practice policies for creating tobacco-free environments for everyone who works, lives, learns, or plays in Allen County.  

We educate the community about the tobacco industry targeting youth and marginalized populations and the role that plays in creating and sustaining health inequities. Through partnerships with healthcare providers, employers, community organizations, schools, marginalized populations, and youth, we provide evidence-based resources for recovery from nicotine addiction.


The coalition exerts its collective influence to advocate for protective policies, combat tobacco industry influences on our community, and build tobacco-free social norms to build a tobacco-free future for all. 

Direct Care Clinic Health Fair June 9, 2
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