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For violations occurring inside Fort Wayne city limits:

CALL the FT. WAYNE FIRE DEPARTMENT SMOKING COMPLAINT HOTLINE at 260-427-7665 (or call 311 and ask to be transferred.)

When you get the Complaint Hotline voice mail, speak clearly, providing the following details about the violation you experienced/observed: name of the business, its location, the date and time you observed the violation, and a full description of the violation. The Ft. Wayne Assistant Fire Chief and staff will follow up on the complaint.

For violations occurring outside Fort Wayne city limits:

For businesses outside Fort Wayne city limits, you can REPORT VIOLATIONS of the INDIANA SMOKE-FREE AIR LAW or LAWS GOVERNING INDIANA TOBACCO RETAILERS (e.g., sale to minors, sale of individual cigarettes, below-cost sales, sale without a tobacco retailer certificate, etc.), by contacting Indiana Excise Police, District 2 at (260) 244-4285 or online at

Examples of city code violations:

  1. Observed smoking in ANY indoor, enclosed public space or work site that isn't a tobacco-dedicated retailer

  2. Observed smoking on outdoor, public patios within 20 ft of any building entrance or within 8 feet of the patio door on patios with no street/parking access

  3. Missing or incorrect signage at building entrances (including delivery doors). Signs must specify that smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of the entrance. (NOTE--Signs saying "No Smoking within 8 feet of the entrance" are not in compliance!)

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